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Okta Security Breached? Secure your future with Infisign!

Elevate Security to 99.9% with Continuous Authentication: The Infisign Advantage

Traditional authentication methods fall short in protecting your organization from evolving threats. Infisign's cutting-edge approach to authentication reduces the attack surface by 99.9%, offering the industry's most advanced continuous authentication solution.

Recent data breaches, even from well-known providers like Okta, have raised concerns about the security of user credentials and sensitive data.

August 2022:

  • Okta's OTPs were stolen revealing a security breach.

September 2022:

  • Auth0, an authentication service provider owned by Okta, disclosed that some older source code repositories were stolen from its environment.

December 2022:

September 2023:

The Downfalls of Traditional Authentication:

  • Insecure Devices: Traditional methods can't block insecure devices, leaving your systems vulnerable.

  • Single Authentication Point: They authenticate only at login, allowing potential breaches during a session.

  • Phishing Vulnerabilities: Relying on phishable factors poses a serious security risk.

  • Lack of Zero Trust: Traditional authentication doesn't adhere to the zero trust philosophy.

With Infisign, you can safeguard your organization against such incidents.

Welcome to the Future: Zero Trust Authentication with Infisign:

  • Continuous Risk Assessment: Infisign continually assesses device risk throughout a user's session, ensuring ongoing security.

  • Foundation for Zero Trust: Our solution replaces phishable factors with a comprehensive analysis of over 200 risk signals, providing complete control over data access.

  • Seamless Integrations: Infisign integrates seamlessly with your zero trust tools, sharing data to enhance risk detection and verify devices continually.

With Infisign, you can control which users and devices access your apps, assess device risk continuously, and integrate with your zero trust stack for a comprehensive security approach.

Embrace the future of authentication with Infisign's Zero Trust Authentication. Get a Demo Today!

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