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Your Comprehensive IAM Platform for Secure Access Management

Our foundation is built upon the principles of Zero Trust, which means we assume no trust by default and verify every user and device attempting to access your systems or applications. By implementing Zero Trust architecture, we eliminate the traditional perimeter-based security model and embrace a dynamic, risk-based approach that adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape.

Zero Trust Peer to Peer Connections

Infisign enables secure DID communications for encrypted communication between an organization and a user. Using the connection, the organization can now   issue organizational Identity and perform passwordless authentications. Infisign also enables easy user provisioning, deprovisioning, and management from any LDAP, or AD ecosystems making user and identity management easier than ever before.



Zero Trust Peer to Peer.png
Organizational Identity

Infisign enables every organization to use their everyday identity for authentications, the issuance of an identity can be automated based on the provisioning of the user on the Infisign ecosystem or on any LDAP servers.

Organisational Identity.png
Zero Trust Authentication Templates

Infisign facilitates the core principles of Zero Trust for each authentication process by utilizing its authentication templates. These templates allow for the controlled sharing of identity information and establish direct connections between parties based on the organization’s defined verification policies.

Zero trust authentication templates.png

Infisign offers federation of users across multiple applications and enables Single Sign-on using simple passwordless authentications. This includes provisioning user, deprovisioning user, and managing identities all from a single source of management.

Passwordless Authentications

Infisign simplifies passwordless authentication by utilizing DID communications, allowing users to avoid the need for specific Hardware Key Modules. Your everyday identification becomes your key, and all communication is solely based on DIDs. This ensures that every request and response is fully encrypted and exchanged directly between peers.

Passwordless Authentications.png
Privileged Access Management

Infisign takes the IAM experience a notch further using its PAM capabilities. Privileged Access Management (PAM) has emerged as a crucial component within the IAM landscape. PAM solutions help organizations protect critical assets by securing privileged accounts and monitoring privileged user activities. Infisign enables Just in time user provisioning and access privileges to all leading platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle Cloud.

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