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Infisign vs Azure:
The Difference

While Okta stands as a stalwart in the IAM space, Infisign emerges as a challenger with a fresh perspective, ready to redefine the IAM narrative. As organizations tread the path of zero trust and navigate hybrid environments, the choice between Infisign and Okta becomes more than a selection—it becomes a strategic decision shaping the future of IAM for the modern enterprise.

Comparative Analysis: Infisign vs Lastpass

The Infisign Advantage

Okta 's authentication happens between Okta and the users, Infisign
facilitates the authentication between the Enterprise and its users in
a peer to peer fashion using decentralized agents hence no third party or
IDP is involved in the authentication

Modern Architecture

Your Decision, Your Triumph!

Okta Weakness

🅧 High Cost and pricing structure

🅧 Complex provisioning mechanisms

🅧 Initial setup takes more time and challenging

🅧 Recent threats of security breach

🅧 Poor customer support

🅧 Outdated Admin Interface

🅧 Frequent Password Changes

🅧 Designed for large enterprises only

Infisign Advantage

  • Regular VAPT Testing

  • Multi-Platform support- Infisign supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows,

  • mac OS, Linux, and mobile devices.

  • Easy LDAP and any Directory Integration

  • Save Costs on Passwordless Implementations

  • System logs and transaction logs for audits and compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA

  • Policy as a Code

  • No password fatigue

Ready to experience the Future of IAM with Infisign ?

Register for a complimentary trial or schedule a consultation with our experts to tailor identity solutions for your organization's needs.

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