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Make your App Enterprise-Ready!

Quickly Add Single Sign-On, Magic Links, and Multi-Factor Authentication to your SaaS App and Launch your Product for Enterprises at Lightening Speed!

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Everything you need to secure your application, manage onboarding and streamline user authentication, all in one place

Universal SSO Integration

Support any SAML or OIDC identity provider with a single integration.

User Onboarding

Manage users and organizations, set policies, and support all auth types.

Role-based Access Control

Manage user permissions with precision.

Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of all login activities for compliance and auditing purposes.


Integrate all modern authentication methods for user login in days.

Audit & Compliance

Keep track of all login activities for compliance and auditing purposes.

Level Up Your SaaS App with Secure and User-Friendly Login Authentication methods of your choice

Sign in to your app with Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

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Effortlessly manage user authentication and directory across your multi-tenant and multi-region SaaS environment

Instant Tenant Provisioning

Create OpenID Connect or SAML2 tenants in seconds, eliminating tedious setup processes.

Seamless SSO Integration

Connect with leading Single Sign-On (SSO) ecosystems for a unified login experience (e.g., Infisign, Okta, Azure AD).

Role Based Access Control

Implement Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies to define user permissions and ensure secure access within your product.

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Connect your application with dozens of popular enterprise employee directory systems like Active Directory, Okta, and Azure AD.

SCIM Provisioning

Integration with active directories(Azure, Okta Entra ID)

User Lifecycle Management

IT admins manage users in one place, eliminating duplicate entries.

HRIS integration

Integration with HRIS (Workday, Rippling)

Automatic Provisioning

New users are automatically provisioned within your application upon creation in the directory.

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Make your app easily integrate with

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What our customers say

Our users love the simplicity of SSO login. Integration was straightforward and well-supported.

Jan Roebkes


Our clients loved the app's user experience, and we're now confidently engaging with larger enterprises.

Customer Support Representative

Mike Baird

Founder & CTO

Get ahead with SSO and attract more enterprise clients with UniFed!

90 Days Onboarding Support

100% Straightforward integration

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime SLA




Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SSO secure?

SSO utilizes encryption and secure token exchange, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing data protection.

Fast-track enterprise adoption with lightning-quick Single Sign-On (SSO) integration

Our solution gets you up and running with SSO in just days for a faster time to market and a significant competitive advantage in the enterprise space.

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